Maria Popova & Gergana Dimova

IDEA MODA presents: Maria Popova & Gergana Dimova

Name of the collection: Shibumi

Shibui or Shibumi is a Japanese aesthetic concept that values beauty in simplicity and unobtrusiveness. It emphasizes elegance, minimalism, and precision in design

Despite its literal translation as “bitter taste,” Shibumi is a concept that represents refined and sophisticated aesthetic taste, which is both timeless and modern.

The LENÉCRA concept acknowledges that imperfections can add character and depth to things, making them unique and authentic. In all cases, Shibumi is about finding beauty in the essence of things, rather than their superficial appearance.

In our collection, we utilize threads to invite viewers on a contemplative journey, where they can explore the depths of their own experiences and connect with the shared human condition.

By juxtaposing these elements through intricate thread structures employed in our collection, we create a sense of interconnectedness of people, the transformative power of nature, and the fusion of cultural influences.