Desislava Kehayova, Ivaylo Vladimirov

IDEA MODA presents: Desislava Kehayova, Ivaylo Vladimirov

Name of the collection: METASLAV

Short concept:

The collection is inspired by GEN Z, their lifestyle and their understanding of the world around them, where the line between the REAL and VIRTUAL is BLURRED, challenging their perceptions and making them question what is real and what is not. DIGITAL GAMES and the strange CREATURES in them are the basis of the concept of TRANSFORMATION of the whole BODY and LIMBS, which finds external expression in the garments. The FABRICS and MATERIALS for the collection are gathered from THRIFT STORES, GIFTS from family and friends, and LEFTOVERS from previous projects. The SLAVIC CULTURE and TRADITIONS influence the style of the collection