Maya Mateva

IDEA MODA presents: Maya Mateva

Name of the collection: Implemented

This collection is inspired of few trips to Western Europe and the urge to reimagine all the cultural and architectural layers and nuances missing in Bulgaria between Middle Ages and Neoclassicism. My goal is to implement myself in the history I’ve seen in all the museums and palaces, in all these paintings and sculptures. There’s a certain mannerism in illustrating that drama and melancholia, but in detailed outfits. Looking at the clothing, I researched the trapunto technique, which is the modern version to quilting. I loved the tactility and embroidered few pieces in this collection both by hand, and machine in a vinyl in the RGB colours. Together with the cognac mesh and padding, these are the only three bought materials. For the rest of the collection I’ve chosen more sustainable and challenging method of designing by upcycling thrifted pieces, as well having been donated a dozens of different textiles by a dear friend that her grandmother collected in the decades of Socialism.